Eurocom Offers Laptop MXM 3.0b Graphics Card Upgrade

Eurocom extends lifespan and improves performance of GPU-upgradeable laptops from Alienware, Dell, MSI and Clevo.

Eurocom is now offering a full-service GPU upgrade program for customers who want to have a supported graphics card installed in their laptop by a professional Eurocom upgrade technician.

Eurocom will arrange shipping from the North American customer’s location to its facility where a professional technician removes the previous graphics card, installs the new graphics card — which includes re-applying the thermal paste and thermal pads, re-installing the heatsink, and testing the card with a variety of benchmark software to ensure proper installation — and then the company ships the laptop directly back to a chosen North American location.

When purchasing an upgrade kit, customers can add the installation service. Shipping is arranged for the laptop to be transported to the Eurocom upgrade center. To see if your laptop supports upgrade please visit the Eurocom Upgrade Center.

“GPU-upgradeability is one of Eurocom’s core design values since our inception in 1986. It allows users to extend the lifespan of their cherished laptop by improving GPU generations. We offer both full GPU upgrade service as well as self-upgrade allowing some users to develop new skills and upgrade their GPUs to new performance heights,” says Mark Bialic, Eurocom president.

MSM 3.0b graphics upgrade kits are offered for the following laptops: Alienware, Dell, Clevo, MSI and Eurocom.

Customers can order an upgrade kit from the Eurocom website or go with the tune-up upgrade. The upgrade kit consists of the desired Graphics Card, IC Diamond 7 Thermal Paste, Thermal Pads, X bracket with matching screws, heat-sinks when applicable and SLI or CrossFireX cables when applicable. The full-service upgrade option consists of a Eurocom Upgrade Expert personally upgrading the North American customer’s system and providing a tuneup, while shipping both ways is included, plus the cost of the Graphics card.

Eurocom is offering upgrade solutions for phased out laptop models to allow ability to extend the life-span of older systems while benefiting from enhanced performance and usage of new software that requires new graphics technology.

For more information, visit Eurocom.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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