Flomerics Releases V8.1 of EFD Analysis Software

Plus FloXpress brings 3D fluid dynamics simulation to SolidWorks 2008 users.

Plus FloXpress brings 3D fluid dynamics simulation to SolidWorks 2008 users.

By DE Editors

Flomerics (Marlborough,  MA) has released Version 8.1 of its Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) simulation software, with a new functionality that includes simulation of “Joule heating,”  plus new compact models for IC components, heat pipes, and thermoelectric coolers.

Other improvements include the treatment of thermal conductivity in printed-circuit boards (PCBs); the simulation of fans with radial and swirl components of velocity as well as the fan performance curve now fully accounted for. Fans and heat sources can be switched on or off at specified times, temperatures, or other specified engineering goals.

The new Joule heating model enables automatic determination of heat sources in conducting objects as they heat up due to electric current passing through them. The new compact models use a two-resistor approach to represent thermal characteristics of IC packages realistically and efficiently. A new PCB generator enables automatic calculation of the orthotropic material properties associated with complex multi-layer printed circuit boards.

The library facility includes fans, thermoelectric coolers,  thermal interface materials, perforated plates and material properties for most solid materials used in electronic systems — including surface radiation properties. In Version 8.1, EFD’s ability to detect fluid regions within a CAD solid model and mesh them automatically has been enhanced to detect and close any external gaps or openings in the solid model automatically.

This optional upgrade is for users of CAD-embedded versions of EFD, such as EFD.Pro for Pro/ENGINEER, EFD.V5 for CATIAV5, and EFD.Lab for other CAD systems including SolidWorks, Inventor, and NX.

In an earlier announcement, Flomerics announced that FloXpress offers 3D fluid dynamics simulation to all SolidWorks 2008 users free of charge.

The flow simulation software is fully embedded within SolidWorks 2008 3D CAD software; it is a cut-down version of the COSMOSFloWorks that enables engineers and designers to simulate complex, 3D fluid flow and heat transfer processes via a simple, wizard-driven user interface inside the SolidWorks user environment.

FloXpress is a SolidWorks-embedded product that enables users to predict and optimize flow and heat transfer processes directly without ever leaving the SolidWorks environment. Designers and engineers will use FloXpress and SolidWorks software together to optimize products in which fluid flow and heat transfer are important design parameters. The range of applications includes valves, pumps, nozzles, electronics cooling, airflow in buildings, intake/exhaust systems, hydraulic systems, heaters and coolers,  aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, mixing processes, contamination control, and many more.

For details, go to Flomerics Ltd. or SolidWorks.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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