German RepRap Launches 4th-Generation X400 3D Printer

The new X400 v4 3D printer from German RepRap has a build platform for additive production of large objects as well as small series.

German RepRap unveils the X400 v4 3D printer. It has a build platform for additive production of large objects as well as small series.

New Features

With its build platform of 350x400x310 mm (15.4x15.7x12.2 in), the X400 v4 enables dual printing of large objects in one process as well as small series. The X400 v4 is fast, but also prints precisely with a layer resolution of up to 0.1 mm. The print bed is adjustable in height by the Auto Bed Leveling function and has to be calibrated only once.

The X400 v4 is equipped with the new German RepRap fan KIT to ensure equal temperature control. The extruder ventilation ensures an optimum temperature at the extruder, while the object ventilator and the assembly space ventilation ensure an optimum object and ambient temperatureThe X400 v4 is equipped with an industrial computer and can be operated via a touch-screen as well as via a USB interface (stand-alone printing). The network connection is made via Ethernet with browser-based control.

Filament Tracking System

Using the Filament Tracking System, the X400 v4 automatically pauses the current print job when the filament is empty. In addition, the X400 v4 detects a deviation of the extrusion or conveying speed which is not visible to the naked eye and can react to the process reliably and thus actively prevent a print job break.

The X400 v4 works with the DD3 Dual Extruder technology. The DD3 extruder and full-metal hotend are easy to use. Re-adjustment is not necessary. The extruder can be equipped with different nozzles, depending on the application and the materials to be used. The contact pressure can also be varied, which facilitates the processing of softer materials.

There are customizable settings and advanced processes. Support for dual-extruders, multi-part printing and even multiple processes is available within one part.

Maintenance and Service

The customer is optionally offered a maintenance contract as well as professional on-site service by a trained technician. 

For more info, visit German RepRap.

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