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HBM Launches Mobile Data Acquisition System

The Somat eDAQXR system offers eDAQ a simple migration path to the upgraded eDAQXR hardware and software tool, the company reports.

HBM, Inc. offers its next generation of the company’s ruggedized Somat eDAQ data acquisition solution, the Somat eDAQXR system. This offers eDAQ a simple migration path to the upgraded eDAQXR hardware and software tool.

The eDAQXR will be a significantly smaller footprint than its eDAQ predecessor, but offers a more powerful processor, wider operating temperature range of -40 to 80 degrees C and a lower operating power requirement of 8-36 volts, the company reports. The eDAQXR will remain a layered centralized data acquisition system, but will also have the ability to connect to remote SomatXR signal conditioning modules, making it a centralized or distributed system able to meet any testing requirements. On-board memory allows tests to run without a PC connected, and with the robust Linux operating system and built-in internal backup power, it is capable of running a one hour attended test or one month cross country test. The data just needs to be uploaded to a PC for analysis when the test is complete.

The eDAQXR has been fully tested to MIL-STD202G and is completely sealed to meet IP67/IP65 environmental standards.

Current eDAQ customers can replace their existing processor with the new eDAQXR processor – EXRCPU. The EXRCPU is the first step in the migration to a smaller, and more powerful next generation rugged mobile data acquisition system, the company notes.

As the eDAQXR platform evolves, customers can mix their current eDAQ signal conditioning layers, with new eDAQXR signal conditioning layers, and also combine these with remote modules from the SomatXR platform, and maintain synchronization across all channels, the company reports.

Whether the need is to log CAN, video, temperatures, accelerations, strain gauges, digital, etc., the eDAQXR can collect one to hundreds of channels simultaneously in the harshest of environments.

The eDAQXR also provides a browser-based software interface for setup and control of tests. The software provides powerful tools such as improved real-time displays, such as strip charts, FFTs, digital displays, and tables; sensor database; Excel import/export; CAN.dbc files import; spreadsheet view of channel information for quick viewing and editing; wiring diagrams shown per channel at setup and more.

For more info, visit HBM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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