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New release delivers user-driven enhancements that boost the product design process, company says.

New release delivers user-driven enhancements that boost the product design process, company says.

IronCAD has unveiled IRONCAD 2022, the latest version of its Design Collaboration Suite. IRONCAD 2022 features many improvements and enhancements that help users drive productivity from 3D to the final 2D Production Drawing Process.  

This year’s release, the main focus was on productivity by making 3D designs go to production faster. The IRONCAD 2022 release delivers several enhancements, including improvements to further Automate 2D Drawing Layouts and Annotations that automatically create dimensions on specified views, speeding up the overall process to take a 3D design the production 2D drawing. Additionally, users can create multiple sheet drawings from 3D in seconds with predefined view layouts, overall sizing dimensions, automatic dimension on selected views and automatic sheet labeling, minimizing the effort needed to create drawings. 

Additional key features help accelerate getting designs to production include:  

  • Faster dimension creation process in ordinate dimensioning—Placing ordinate dimensions has become faster with a simple box select to select the regions to automatically place ordinate annotations reducing the manual picking of geometry points.  
  • Quicker annotation and snapping for dimensioning—New quick object snapping in dimensions enables users to quickly snap to the desired geometry with minimal camera zoom interactions required to zoom in/out to reach points.   
  • Multiple select editing of dimensions—With an ability to multiple select dimensions and edit properties using the property browser, users can quickly edit many dimensions at once to streamline the annotation process.  
  • Improved bill of material and item bubble creation—New bill of material (BOM) tables such as the Structured BOM give users more power in defining the proper structure for the designed BOM with expand/collapse controls.   
  • Improved interactions and controls in the 3D environment—Many improvements in 3D to speed up the overall design process have been introduced, such as improved camera interactions on rotation, drag & drop handle controls for setting size limits, snapping increments for precise control on individual shapes, and new dimensional support for our intelligent attachment point used in Smart Assembly design.
  • Extending 3D design capabilities—New capabilities have been added into the 3D design environment to improve the design process and capabilities such as the ability to copy/link parts and assemblies and their constraints to new locations. New direct creation of parameters on handles has been added to reduce setup time to create parametric relations from IntelliShapes.   
  • Upgraded application updates include touch screen support—New updates in our native translator support for new versions of native MCAD applications have been added as well as support for the latest Windows 11 environment, Sketch-Up, Multi-Physics (MPIC) and IronCAD Mechanical add-ins. 

“The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2022 drastically reduces the overall time to create 3D designs and move them into the 2D Detailed Production Drawing saving engineers/designers time and allowing for companies to increase productivity,” says Cary O’Connor, vice president of Marketing at IronCAD. “Automating and simplifying tasks will continue to be a focus in 3D design and communication to streamline the process from customer requirements, customer acceptance, and into production in order to win customers business.”  
For a more extensive list of IRONCAD 2022 improvements and enhancements, click here.  

Try the newest, updated version of IronCAD now for free by navigating here. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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