MachineWorks to Release Polygonica v2.1

The main functions of Polygonica include Mesh Healing, Mesh Offsetting, Mesh Analysis, Mesh Simplification, Remeshing, Boolean Operations and Point-Cloud Manipulation.

MachineWorks Ltd. plans to unveil its new release, Polygonica v2.1, at RAPID+TCT 2017 in early May.

Polygonica is a software development toolkit for handling triangulated meshes that helps manufacturers in additive manufacturing solve complex geometrical problems. By creating its own software applications,Polygonica says 3D printing manufacturers can gain quicker access to market, closer ties with their customers and tighter control over their IP.

Main functions of Polygonica include Mesh Healing, Mesh Offsetting, Mesh Analysis, Mesh Simplification, Remeshing, Boolean Operations and Point-Cloud Manipulation.

Features include:

  • support for lattice generation;
  • sweeping capability;
  • solid convexification;
  • engraving curves and profiles; and
  • fairing and smoothing algorithm.
In Polygonica v2.1, users can create a 3D shape by moving a 2D profile or 3D solid along an arbitrary 3D path and self-intersections can be removed to form topologically closed solids.

Also, Polygonica’s new algorithm automatically decomposes a concave solid into convex shells; a new API allows users to imprint, emboss or engrave a curve or a 2D profile onto a solid; imprinting allows users to easily generate curves on the surface of solids and use them to trim surfaces and extract regions bounded by the curves; and embossing and engraving enables 2D profiles to be wrapped onto 3D surfaces and for enclosed regions to be offset outwards or inwards.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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