Massivit 3D Expands into the Marine Arena

Company is introducing large-scale, high-speed 3D printing for marine manufacturing.

The event will provide an opportunity for limited-time pre-orderson the new Massivit 10000, an AM tooling system designed to expedite composites mold production by 80%.

The Massivit 5000 was recently launched to serve large-scale production for marine, automotive and rail manufacturers. Image courtesy of Massivit 3D.

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies is presenting its latest additive manufacturing technologies at IBEX 2021 in Tampa, FL, at Booth 3-053 on September 28-30, marking its expansion into the marine manufacturing market.

The company will showcase the Massivit 5000—recently launched to serve large-scale production for marine, automotive and rail manufacturers—as well as the soon-to-be-launched Massivit 10000, designed to handle composites manufacturing by expediting mold-production workflows.

On show at Massivit 3D’s Booth 3-053 will be the Massivit 5000—designed to dramatically shorten production time for large, custom end-use parts, prototypes, and molds. Launched in Q2 2021, the Massivit 5000 enables marine manufacturers and service providers to produce large parts within hours - instead of days or weeks. 

The latest of Massivit 3D’s portfolio of 3D printers, the Massivit 5000 offers a build volume of 57x44x70-in. (145x111x180 cm) and facilitates high-speed production of parts that instantly cure during the printing process, offering ready-made parts straight off the printer—with practically no required support structures. Large, lightweight parts can be printed without the need for excessive post-processing. It also facilitates sea-worthy end-use parts with shorter lead times, lower costs and less waste than those of traditional manufacturing processes. The machine enables complex geometries that can serve as a core for composite marine parts made of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar and its output has been proven to withstand required minimum loads for a range of maritime parts. 

The new technology was developed to digitalize antiquated manufacturing workflows in line with Industry 4.0 requirements. Spare parts, custom end-use parts, molds and prototypes can now be produced onsite and on demand, such as symmetrical stern extensions, custom-made stern covers and rooves, ergonomic dashboards, tailored radar masts and bowsprits, hermetically sealed bathrooms, collecting tanks and many other applications.

The Massivit 5000 will be printing live throughout the IBEX event, demonstrating its production speed facilitated by the company’s technology, Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP).

GDP technology is based on thermosets photopolymer material developed by Massivit 3D’s R&D team, and has, to date, been adopted in 40 countries across multiple industries. 

Massivit 3D will also be introducing to IBEX visitors the Massivit 10000, soon to be launched, and available at the show for pre-order via a rapidly growing waiting list.

This additive manufacturing system facilitates cost-effective mold production for composite materials end parts. It is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of mold production by shortening the traditional 19-step workflow down to just four steps. 

Based on the company’s Cast-In-Motion technology, the Massivit 10000 enables direct printing of a “female” mold shell. This shift in paradigm—coupled with a high HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) capability, low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion), and geometry freedom—has caused  expanded demand across several countries and industries.

“We are excited to reveal the Massivit 5000 and the Massivit 10000 at IBEX and to demonstrate how Massivit 3D is transforming marine manufacturing with cutting-edge, large-scale additive manufacturing innovations,” says Erez Zimerman, CEO at Massivit 3D. “We’re committed to enabling manufacturers to overcome existing limitations in production speed and size, and to facilitating dramatic cuts in production costs. We’re thrilled to respond to the high demand for the new Massivit 10000 by offering IBEX attendees the opportunity to place orders in the lead up to the upcoming product launch.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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