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National Technical Systems Develops New Data Acquisition, Measurement Tool

National Technical Systems Inc., has developed a new data acquisition product that can be used by test labs and other service providers.

DynamicDAQ will allow NTS’ customers to collect and portray data in real time, a company press release states. It was developed on a National Instruments cDAQ hardware platform, and can fit data acquisition requirements for large and small systems, “iron birds” and other complex data sources.

“Our new DynamicDAQ tool can measure hundreds of temperatures and pressure readings and display them on a screen in real time,” said Shea, the lead product developer. “We have many clients who need just what this tool provides: calibrated data reported in standard formats and archivable for record keeping and certification purposes. This solution can also be customizable and we believe it offers aerospace-related customers, test laboratories and researchers a cost-effective measurement tool that benefits from ongoing product evolution.”

For more information, visit National Technical Systems.

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