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Nebula Offers Private Cloud Computing

If your company isn’t ready to pony up for a quantum computer just yet, the next best bet is in the cloud.

If your company isn’t ready to pony up for a quantum computer just yet, the next best bet is in the cloud. Unfortunately, most execs are understandably unexcited about introducing proprietary work into a public cloud, even with all the security bells and whistles. Now, a new company called Nebula, founded by ex-NASA Chief Technology Officer for IT Chris Kemp and ex-NASA engineer Devin Carlen, is offering a turnkey private cloud solution.

Nebula One

From the Nebula information kit:

Many businesses recognize the agility, efficiency, and scale that IaaS provides, but find that public providers fail to meet their needs. Private cloud systems provide the same benefits in provisioning and management, but overcome the hurdles of using public, off site, shared infrastructure. A private cloud deployed in your datacenters provides physical security, regulatory compliance, and direct connections to existing data, users, and resources with all the benefits of public IaaS providers.

The Nebula Cloud Controller has some formidable specs, with a 16-core processor and 64GB of RAM in a 2U-sized appliance. For storage, companies can choose from a 1TB 7,200-RPM hard drive, a 256GB MLC SSD drive, and a 32GB SuperCache MLC mSATA Drive. A single controller can administer up to 20 servers, and a cluster can handle as many as five controllers. That brings the grand total up to 100 servers working for your company.

Below you’ll find a video from Nebula (voiced by what sounds like Patrick Stewart) that talks about its cloud service.

Source: Nebula

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