Nimbix Launches HPC Hybrid Cloud Platform with JARVICE 3.0

The new platform extends HPC, AI and machine/deep learning applications and workflows into private and public Kubernetes infrastructure.

Nimbix announces the Technology Preview of JARVICE 3.0, a high-performance computing (HPC) hybrid cloud software platform fully integrated with Kubernetes. The new container platform is designed to provide the enterprise with access to the entire Nimbix self-service catalog of HPC, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine/deep learning applications. Packaged as a new enterprise software tool, JARVICE 3.0 runs supercomputing and HPC workloads on-premises or remotely on the public cloud. 

JARVICE 3.0 is designed to provide instant access to HPC workflows as well as open-sourced applications in a click-to-run catalog. Upon installation of JARVICE 3.0, customers will have access to the Nimbix suite of containerized HPC applications as well as the ability to install their own platform apps in a continuous integration and deployment methodology. This solution runs on heterogeneous machines, operating on any CPU, graphics processing unit, field-programmable gate array, any fabric (ethernet or InfiniBand), bare-metal or virtualized systems and clusters. Users may also deploy JARVICE 3.0 on their private infrastructure or in the public cloud.

“The concept of using containers to run cloud workloads has been in practice at Nimbix since our inception, so naturally as Kubernetes has gained traction in the enterprise for web services, we wanted to extend the industry-leading compute capabilities of JARVICE for HPC and AI into an infrastructure platform like Kubernetes,” explains Nimbix CEO Steve Hebert. “We’ve been working to democratize bare-metal cloud supercomputing technology over the last several years.” 

JARVICE 3.0 will target organizations that are standardizing and modernizing their data centers with containerized applications while retaining the option to burst to the public cloud. This platform will provide a hybrid software solution that will run large-scale HPC and AI workflows side by side with existing web service and container-native software. As situations occur where compute resources are unavailable on premises, users can then use the unified processing API to burst to the Nimbix Cloud with a mouse click. This provides the ability to manage a private cloud infrastructure on-premises while simultaneously having the ability to extend compute to the Nimbix Cloud. 

The JARVICE 3.0 service catalog will be delivered as a set of containerized turn-key workflows. Kubernetes acts as the underlying infrastructure layer while JARVICE 3.0 optimizes large-scale applications and delivers them with point-and-click ease.  

Cloud Computing-Related Patent

In other news, Nimbix also announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 9,973,566, entitled “Dynamic Creation and Execution of Containerized Applications in Cloud Computing.” The technology describes the methods of using containers to run HPC workloads and workflows in the cloud, which takes containers as the packaging mechanism, deploys those for the computational or processing path and then destroys the containers once that processing is complete. That environment is then recreated within a given container and is ready for execution as the next secure, containerized workload.

“We first brought dynamic containerization of large-scale applications to market in 2013,” explains Nimbix CTO Leo Reiter. “This novel technology increases efficiency, improving time-to-results for all HPC workloads. Our newly issued patent is recognition for years of innovation and operational experience with containers at scale, on bare metal, and we are excited to continue to push the envelope with ever-evolving technologies in this space.” 

For more info, visit Nimbix.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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