P.C.I. Geomatics Integrates GeoTango’s SmartDigitizer Technology

Technology enables users to digitize vectorsfrom a wide variety of image sources

Technology enables users to digitize vectorsfrom a wide variety of image sources

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PCI Geomatics (Richmond Hill, Ontario) has announced the integration of GeoTango‘s(Toronto, Ontario) SmartDigitizer technology for semi-automated featureextraction. According to a recent PCI Geomatics press release,this technology can quickly extract feature lines and polygonsfrom a wide variety of remotely sensed images.

“With today’s abundance of geospatial data sources, there is anever-increasing demand for rapid collection of spatial features fromremotely sensed images for mapping and updating,” said Dr. Vincent Tao,Founder of GeoTango International Corp.

SmartDigitizer technology is designed to enable users to digitize vectorsfrom a variety of image sources, including high- andlow-resolution satellite imagery, aerial photos, optical images, hyperspectralimages, and radar data.

“Manual,heads-up digitizing is extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming,“said David Stanley, Vice President of Research and Development at PCIGeomatics,is excited about the technology.“For decades, automated extraction techniques have faced problems oftechnical complexity and the variety of uncontrollable input sourcessuch as image resolution, scale, and sensor types. Now we can finallyprovide a fast, robust, ad accurate tool for semi-automated digitizing.”

Smart Digitizer will be available in the 2005 release of Geomatica,PCI Geomatics’ flagship geospatial image processing software, and willbe a key component of several GeoCapacity production systems.

For additional information, visit the PCI Geomatics‘website.

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