ZWSOFT Launches ZW3D 2019 SP CAD/CAM Solution

It introduces features and enhancements that respond to users’ requests, delivering a more user-friendly CAD/CAM solution.

It introduces features and enhancements that respond to users’ requests, delivering a more user-friendly CAD/CAM solution.

Multi-Export supports exporting various objects to multiple formats. Image courtesy of ZWSOFT.

ZWSOFT announces the launch of ZW3D 2019 SP. It introduces features and enhancements that respond to users’ requests, delivering a more user-friendly CAD/CAM solution.


Enhanced Catia/SolidWorks v2D Drawing Import

The improved Catia/Solidworks 2D drawing import is a key enhancement in this version. When importing the 2D sheets, more line types and dimensions types can be recognized to display more precise geometry, line types, dimensions, text, etc., enabling smoother interaction with 2D data, the company reports. 

Want to try this tool? From June 1 to August 31, the company is providing a special offer: buy or upgrade to ZW3D 2019 SP, then get a free plug-in for Catia/Solidworks 2D drawing import. 

JT import and export are also supported now. ZW3D translator is also improved, according to the company.

File Management

In this version, there's user-friendly file management . For file import, you can search subdirectories under an assembly to import 3D CAD files, preventing you from missing some of the parts. For file storage, working folder allows you to define the default file storage path, enabling more efficient file storage, according to the company.

Multi-Export: From Multiple Objects to Multiple Formats

After finishing design, Multi-Export allows users to export multiple objects to multiple formats at the same time, accelerating exporting work.

More Flexible and Efficient Modeling

Inherit Attributes in 3D BOM. Image courtesy of ZWSOFT.

In this version, some features were upgraded to deliver higher modeling efficiency and flexibility. For example, when dealing with the 3D BOM, the attributes used frequently can be inherited by right-clicking. Also, modeling rules for the Parent and Child operations in Suppress feature have been optimized to help you make regenerative results more correct.

Operations related to assembly have also been improved, such as the datum of components, which can now be displayed when inserting the components, making it convenient for editing. Pattern feature can be applied to the assembly hole, speeding up your assembly process.


Mold module was polished to help you finish mold design with ease. When handling region analysis, the regions that are not connected with each other can now be detected, realizing correct region analysis result.

Ejector pins will be trimmed at the assembly level and part level, bringing more accurate BOM table. Moldbase can be applied to single-object files now, offering more flexibility to your mold design.


CAM module has also been optimized to deliver higher efficiency. More types of arc output, including Helical Arc and Spacial Arc, have been added to extend the machining capabilities. Also, when conducting Chamfer operation, the lead-in toolpath will be automatically adjusted to helical lead-in when the cutting space is smaller than the lead-in arc. You can define the hole drilling sequence either by yourselves (Pick Order) or by default (Auto).

”XY Arcs” is selected as default in Flat Finish operation, increasing the efficiency and quality of machining. Also, more link types are provided in Ramp to offer more choices for ramp cutting and to enhance the machining efficiency.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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