Digital Engineering, April 2016

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Preparing for the Floodgates to Open

On-demand hardware and pay-per use licensing are essential in opening new markets for HPC.


The Price of 3D Printing 

Costing tools and service bureaus can help engineers find the optimal materials and production methods.


A New Powerhouse

The Dell Precision 7710 delivers great performance in a sleek package.

GPU Virtualization Accelerates Engineering Efficiency

Advances in GPU acceleration are providing engineers the flexibility for remote CAD collaboration as well as efficiencies throughout the design workflow.


Wrangling ECOs

Electronic document management systems can streamline the engineering change order process.


Simulation Software: A Price and Performance for Everyone

Small- and medium-sized businesses used to ask: Why? Now it’s time to ask: Why not?

From All-in-One to Pick-What-You-Want CAD

Design and engineering software may shrink — and that’s good news for many.

Q&A: Visual Systems Design

DE chats with Keysight Technologies, National Instruments and MathWorks on trends and benefits of graphical programming.

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Latest News

Civan and Smart Move Partner on Welding and Additive Manufacturing
Controlling a dynamic beam laser with galvo scanner opens up new welding and laser powder bed fusion capabilities, companies report.

MakerBot LABS Adds Materials to METHOD Platform
This brings the number of METHOD materials up to 30, giving a greater selection of manufacturing-grade materials, according to the company.

Noesis Solutions Names New CEO
David Franke, former global sales director of Noesis Solutions, is its new CEO. 

Visionaize Buys INOVX Software
The INOVX Software V-Suite will be integrated into Visionaize Digital Twin, the companies say.

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