Digital Engineering, December 2016

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Design Optimization: Past, Present and Future

Making design exploration software speak the language of engineers has been a focus of development since the industry’s inception.

A Contemplation on Topology Optimization 

An essay on the counterintuitive nature of topology optimization and the challenges faced by design engineers who employ it.

Designing for the Future

Are you ready to combine additive, subtractive and other manufacturing functions in a single build?

The Changing Art of Making Parts: Part I

3D printing materials, and how software and hardware can control their customization, create exciting possibilities for design engineering.

Microfabrica: Mass Production at Millimeter Scale

The company’s manufacturing process addresses challenges for high-volume production.

Sensors Transform

New materials are changing the form and function of the technology.

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NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs Drive Advanced Design Visualization
A properly configured engineering workstation can enable new levels of rendering performance.

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Configure the Right Workstation for SOLIDWORKS 2022
Experts weigh in on the best hardware and SOLIDWORKS settings.

Student Design Aims to Help Deprived Communities
Award-winning design aims to filter washing machine water and make it reusable for people in deprived communities.

SPK Releases vCAD
Product enables instant creation of engineering cloud workstations, preconfigured with software and setup.

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