Digital Engineering, February 2017

Desiging for human-machine interaction; injection molding simulation software; VR-ready workstation review; cloud storage; the software user experience; soft robotics; 3D printing custom golf clubs; PLM strategies and more.

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Adjusting the Human-Machine Relationship

Industry 4.0 is redefining the engineer’s role within design.

What Injection Molding Simulation Software Can Do For You

Whatever your role in plastics injection molding, there’s a tool that will improve your endgame.

Portable and VR Ready

The MSI WT72 6QN delivers a great display and good performance.

Thinking Outside the Cloud Storage Box

Industry-specific solutions can help engineers overcome storage and file sharing challenges.

Engineering the Software User Experience

Software designers are taking advantage of graphics technologies and user intuition.

Morphing Wing Design Lays Groundwork for Soft Robotics

MIT/NASA collaboration on a flexible aircraft wing structure showcases the potential of digital materials and advanced manufacturing techniques for soft robotics applications.

Creating a Custom Club

Krone Golf turned to CRP Technology for construction of a CNC machined and 3D-printed driver clubhead.

Enhance Your Product Development Lifecycle

To benefit from big volumes of constantly evolving data, organizations must have a well-defined strategy for Big Data and knowledge management.

Design Teams in the Age of IoT

The Internet of Things could change design team dynamics.

A New Look at Testing

Service providers offer some tips and tricks on how to pair the design and test workflow.

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