Digital Engineering, January 2016

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Shed Weight Sooner

Use structural simulation software for optimum lightweighting.


Supercomputers Lower the Cost of Space Access

DARPA and Department of Defense supercomputers help Masten

Space Systems calculate aerodynamic effects on designs for low Earth orbit launchers.


A New Storm

The Digital Storm Slade PRO is an updated version of a very good system.

Another Picture Perfect Pair of Displays

Two new BenQ monitors deliver affordable 4K resolution.


Photorealistic Rendering Grows in Importance

Software and techniques for photorealistic virtual prototypes have developed beyond simple stages.


A Growing System for IoT

Developing smart, connected devices demands a broader system scope.


Your Software Respectfully Suggests a Design Revision

With optimization, software evolves from a passive tool to an active design partner.

Design Freedom with New Constraints

The marriage of 3D printing and optimization software is giving rise to a new generation of lighter, visually compelling designs — but not without constraints.

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Latest News

Civan and Smart Move Partner on Welding and Additive Manufacturing
Controlling a dynamic beam laser with galvo scanner opens up new welding and laser powder bed fusion capabilities, companies report.

MakerBot LABS Adds Materials to METHOD Platform
This brings the number of METHOD materials up to 30, giving a greater selection of manufacturing-grade materials, according to the company.

Noesis Solutions Names New CEO
David Franke, former global sales director of Noesis Solutions, is its new CEO. 

Visionaize Buys INOVX Software
The INOVX Software V-Suite will be integrated into Visionaize Digital Twin, the companies say.

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