Digital Engineering June 2022

Our June issue focuses on expanding the use of simulation, automation in design, choosing the right manufacturing process, and how to configure an engineering workstation; plus, a look at what is new in AutoCAD 2023.

Inside This Issue:

Limits of FEA Automation

As templates and apps broaden simulation’s reach, experts get a new role.

Expediting Engineering Design via Software

As software-driven automation continually drives the industry forward, expect increased efficiencies and effectiveness.

Countermeasures for the Great Resignation

AR/VR-based training could be the antidote to recruitment and retention blues.

Picking the Right Process 

There is no single solution to choosing the optimal production process, just a tried-and-true method of asking the right questions and leveraging vendor help.

Analytics: The Next Piece of the Digitalization Puzzle

Data collection is not enough; companies must have the right framework and tools in place to gain insights and improve operations.

Matching Engineering to the Workstation  

When selecting from among the new, high-powered engineering workstations on the market, it is all about the workflow.

What’s New in AutoCAD 2023? 

Machine learning tools lead the list of new features.

A Diminutive Powerhouse

We review the new AMD Radeon Pro 6400.

Nice Shot

BlackHägen Design and PreciHealth deliver safe, user-friendly and cost-effective self-vaccination and fluid sampling devices.

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Latest News

Will AI-Based Simulation Hit a Home Run?
At NAFEMS Americas, technology leaders provide guidance on how artificial intelligence can enhance simulation workflows.

Intel Tackles Real-World Challenges with AI Systems
Intel reports that it is empowering GenAI developers and athletes around the globe with open and accessible AI systems.

ASME Foundation Wins Grant for Apprenticeship Program in Engineering
U.S. Department of Labor funding will help train and place community college graduates with employers in manufacturing and other...

Hexagon Introduces HxGN SDx2 SaaS Solution
Solution designed to deliver a connected, insightful digital backbone for industrial facilities, Hexagon reports.

Ansys Partners with Supermicro, NVIDIA
Turnkey hardware optimized for Ansys multiphysics simulation provides flexible configurations through collaborations with Supermicro and NVIDIA, according to Ansys.

Fugo Precision 3D Unveils New Centrifugal 3D Printing Technology
Novel technology that offers "layerless" printing reportedly with sub-30-micron accuracy.

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