Digital Engineering, March 2021

The March issue includes coverage of how simulation and design technology helped teams in the America's Cup improve the performance of their high-end racing yachts.

Inside This Issue:

CFD Keeps Boats Afloat in the America’s Cup

Despite COVID disruptions, sailing teams discover new ways to simulate the unexpected.

Advanced CFD at the Helm in Competitive Sailing

New rules in America’s Cup encourage virtual testing.

Low Code Aims to Democratize Thread Development

The technology shows promise in overcoming many hurdles tied to realizing the full potential of the digital thread.

Generative Design: A Heavyweight for Lightweighting with Additive

The combination of generative design software and AM technologies is proving to be a go-to force for lightweighting and parts consolidation strategies.

GPUs Invade Product Development

Parallel processing continues to bring benefits to CAD, simulation and VR work.

Powering Up

Eaton embraces additive manufacturing in a big way.

Superlaptop Falls Short: Breaking Down Eurocom Nightsky ARX15 Mobile Workstation

The company’s new Nightsky is fast, loud and expensive.

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Latest News

Hexagon Pushes Forward With Open Ecosystem Strategy
Solutions provider says open data and collaboration is key to industrializing additive manufacturing.

Coreform Releases Isogeometric Analysis Technology
This is a notable addition to Coreform Cubit’s suite of advanced meshing tools for challenging simulations, the company reports.

Dyndrite and Additive Company Showcase AM Materials
Explore how advanced materials control in an automated serial end production workflow, especially in metals processes, satisfies rigorous QA processes.

Carbon Opens Access to Design Engine Software
Non-Carbon platform users will have access to software for quickly creating latticed parts.

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