Digital Engineering, November 2016

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Simulating Everything Automotive

When did vehicles get so complex? Good thing today’s simulation tools are evolving to handle design, development, testing and deployment.

Focus on Engineering Computing

Crash Simulations: More Data, Fewer Dummies

Researchers use real-world crash data, finite element simulation and supercomputing resources to take virtual crash tests to another level.

What’s Happening to Cluster Computing?

The cloud is changing how engineering teams access and accelerate highperformance computing power.

HPC Workflow Tips

Technology offers a pathway to better product design and development

Workstation Review: Affordable CAD

The entry-level Dell Precision 3620 very for its By David Cohn

Workstation Review: Desktop-Worthy

The powerful Xi PowerGo XT mobile workstation delivers desktop performance

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Latest News

Xerox Ventures Announces Investment in Startup Seurat Technologies
Xerox Ventures aims to invest in high-growth companies focused on connected work and green enterprise.

NAFEMS Americas Regional Conference Calls for Abstracts
Event, slated for June in Indiana, will focus on CAE-related technologies in an open forum format.

New AMD Graphics Cards Boost Engineering Performance
AMD Radeon PRO W6400 graphics card for desktop, AMD Radeon PRO W6500M/W6300M now available.

Editor’s Pick: New superalloy for laser powder bed fusion
Amperprint 0233 Haynes 282 nickel-based superalloy powder for Velo3D Sapphire printers is ideal for high-temperature applications.

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