Digital Engineering, October 2016

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Supersonic Simulation

Spike Aerospace wants to bring supersonic travel back to the airline industry. Simulation is helping to make it happen faster.


A Product Variation Flight Checklist

Make an engineering-based plan to deal with hardware, software and system design variations


A Very Powerful Portable

Eurocom Sky DLX7’s desktop CPU delivers performance at a price.


Math Tools for the IoT: At the Edge and Beyond

Cut smart-product development time with targeted math software

Integrate Embedded Software

Increasing product complexity and limited resources are leading to an uptick in the use of embedded software development sources.

Search Shapes Up

Geometry-based search functions may be the key to promoting more data reuse and discovery.

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Latest News

CIMdata Supports the PLM Green Global Alliance
CIMdata’s Sustainability and Green Energy Practice Director Mark Reisig will moderate the Alliance’s coverage of PLM and Green...

SprutCAM X Updates with Collision Avoidance
Collision Avoidance option now features an updated calculation algorithm.

Introducing Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud
Built on the Autodesk Design & Make Platform, Fusion industry cloud is designed to transform product design and manufacturing by unifying...

ESTECO, Optimad Partner to Offer Embedded Explainable AI
This venture will bring machine learning and explainable artificial intelligence capabilities into ESTECO software solutions, the company reports.

What Will Digital Twins Look Like in 5 Years?
A clear definition and view of the technology is only now taking shape.

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D POST 20
FLOW-3D POST 2023R2 introduces support for a new results file format that enables faster postprocessing, the company reports.

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