Special Focus Issue: Simulation for Autonomous Vehicles & Systems

In this Special Focus Issue, we look at the technologies required to design and test new autonomous systems.

During the NAFEMS ASSESS Summit last year, I was fortunate enough to participate in a roundtable discussion on autonomous systems and the role that simulation plays in their development.

There are a number of new technologies and systems being created, from self-driving cars to autonomous robots and aircraft. Design and simulation experts are faced with creating and testing systems with unprecedented levels of hardware and software integration, and attempts to simulate a nearly infinite number of real-world operating scenarios.

In this Special Focus Issue, we take a look at a wide range of autonomous developments, including the use of synthetic data, artificial intelligence, new robotics systems, and a report from the most recent Paris Air Show. We hope you enjoy the issue.

Articles include:

  • When Real-World Data is Not Enough
  • Seeking Misbehaving Virtual Drivers
  • Is AI Ready to Make Autonomous Vehicles a Reality?
  • Advanced Tech Takes Stage at Paris Air Show
  • Digital Twin Builds Better Robots
  • Designing Robotics
  • And more!
  • - Brian Albright, Editorial Director

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