Technology Focus: The Future of CAD and Simulation Licensing Models

Inside This Issue:

COVID-19 Spike Puts Remote Collaboration to the Test

Design tool vendors ease licensing restrictions and aim for scalability to meet surge in demand from work-at-home engineers.

Redesigning CAD for Mixed Reality

Break old habits while inventing new practices at the same time.

New Licensing Options Satiate Users’ Appetite for Design Tool Flexibility

As the cloud gains traction and the digital business accelerates, CAD and CAE users are hungry for more flexible deployment and payment options.

Subscription Pricing Meets the Design World

The desire for increased flexibility and an ongoing relationship with vendors is fueling a shift toward subscription-based pricing models.

Keep It Simple, Keep Them Coming

An easy formula for estimating cost is part of some simulation software providers’ strategies.

Pushing the Design Envelope On the Go

With a new generation of visual designers, working anywhere in the world, CAD in the Cloud is emerging as a solution for mobile workers to build the future.

OnScale Tackles Ultrasonic Sensing

OnScale releases paper to showcase cloud CAE’s role in developing next generation fingerprint technology for securing smartphones.

CAE in the Cloud: The 2019 Compendium of UberCloud CAE Case Studies

A roundup of cloud-based simulation success stories.

Pick and Choose Purpose-built Bundles

Vendors assemble curated collections of engineering software to attract SMBs.

Finding Value in Subscription Licensing

Identifying the ROI for software subscriptions.

PTC Snatches Up Cloud CAD Pioneer Onshape

PTC buys cloud CAD vendor Onshape in a game-changing acquisition.

OnScale Enhances CAE Licensing with a Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS

OnScale provides flexibility to engineers by delivering scalable cloud simulation capability to any engineer, anywhere, anytime on any device

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