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Session 3: Engineering Computing

Hardware Recommendations for CAD and Engineering Simulation

Long-time CAD and simulation user Ryan Navarro shares performance-optimizing configurations for typical CAD usage, and tips for pushing the limits of FEA & CFD. He discusses how to choose pre-built systems and specify relevant components for custom-built machines dedicated to simulation or rendering. He also identifies areas of diminishing returns to avoid overspending on hardware; and discusses the emerging alternative – cloud CAD and solvers.

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Ryan Navarro, Product Manager for CFD Analysis at Hawk Ridge Systems
Ryan is a mechanical engineer and SOLIDWORKS user since 2007. As Product Manager for CFD Analysis, he specializes in complex simulations related to fluid flow, as well as structural interactions and mold filling.

Moderator: Kenneth Wong

Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

Engineering Computing Resources

Rescale’s Software-Defined Approach to Modernizing Science and Engineering Computing

Reducing barriers to entry with cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are helping to break down barriers to entry for even the smallest teams.

Breaking down common misconceptions about cloud-based HPC solutions.

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