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3D Printing Simulation

3D Printing Offers Design Freedom with New Constraints
The marriage of 3D printing and optimization software is giving rise to a new generation of lighter, visually compelling designs -- but not without constraints.
Formnext International AM Conference Opens in Frankfurt
Formnext is Europe's newest conference to focus on 3D printing.
3D Printing Thinks Really Big
Additive manufacturing systems offer amazing build volumes.
Materialise and Additive Industries Partner for Industrial 3D Printing Applications
The partnership will develop a customized version of Build Processor software for the MetalFAB1 3D printer.
Materials: 3D Printing’s Medical Miracle
Advances in material science coupled with modified 3D printing processes and new generative design software are ushering in an era of personalized medicine.
Materialise Announces 3DPrintCloud
The Web-based platform is focused on preparing 3D printing models.
3D Printing: The Next Medical Miracle?
3D printing is driving innovations in surgical training, implants, and prosthetic devices that are improving patient care while reducing risk and cost.
Hybrid 3D Printing: What You Need to Know Now
Long-time technology rivals subtractive and additive manufacturing now partner to enable design engineers to break through traditional constraints.
Materialise Acquires CENAT Embedded Software Platform
The transaction will allow the company to add enhanced quality control to its 3D printing platform.
Altair Adds OptiStruct Solver for 3D Printing
The company is also working with partners like Materialise to streamline data transfer for STL files.
MSC Software Acquires Simufact Engineering
The company provides simulation platforms for metal forming and joining processes.
3D Printing’s New Materials, Part 2: Metal
Metal materials and systems offer ever-increasing choices for additive manufacturing of one-off parts or hundreds of custom pieces.
Materialise Introduces Magics 19
New features include expanded modules, slice-based structures and 3-maticSTL Lightweights compatibility.
Materialise Joins Altair Partner Alliance
The organization's 3-matic STL software will now be available to HyperWorks users.
Toolset to Modify STL Files Upgraded
Materialise 3-maticSTL version 9.0 helps you simplify, modify, and texture designs for analysis, rapid prototyping and manufacturing.

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