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Discrete Element Method DEM

Editor’s Pick: Automate Analysis of Complicated Discrete Loads
Altair EDEM 2020 discrete element analysis software is made for bulk and granular material simulation.
Altair Acquires DEM Solutions
Acquisition expands solver portfolio into discrete element method analysis.
Bulk Material Simulator Updated
EDEM 2019 rolls out new multi-GPU solver engine and tools for post-processing large amounts of data.
ESSS Releases Rocky DEM Version 4.2 Software
Discrete element method simulation software enhances particle collision analysis, spring and damper motion, fiber modeling improvements, and ANSYS Workbench integrated fluid–particle simulation.
EDEM Updates its Flagship Software
Features and tools are being introduced, including a Python library for easier post-processing of large amounts of data, the ability to simulate deformable geometries as well as a new breakage model.
EDEM Updates Flagship Software
EDEM 2018 focuses on productivity and performance and includes features and enhancements that aim to enable users to speed up their workflow from setup to processing and analysis of simulations, the company reports.
EDEM Releases LMS Virtual.Lab Motion Simulation Tool
Here's a simulation tool that enables engineers to include realistic bulk material loads as standard in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion multi-body solution.
Discrete Element Method Software Updated
New release of EDEM said to offer improve integration with CAE.

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