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A New Look at Subtractive Prototyping, Part 2
When deciding how to invest in subtractive rapid prototyping, take these five factors into consideration.
Rapid Prototyping Tech Converges
Additive and subtractive technologies begin to merge in latest rapid prototyping processes and equipment.
MapleSim 6 Goes Social
Building and executing mathematical models is a team sport today, and MapleSim brings detailed simulations to the entire team.
Bombardier Optimizes Test Data
Bombardier's Test Flight Center uses Origin to troubleshoot flight errors.
Adding Electromagnetic Effects to a Multiphysics Analysis
Oh, the problems you'll solve with coupled physics simulations ...
Manufacturing a New Image
Manufacturing in the U.S. still has an image problem.
The Power of Simulation Driven by Design
Workflows have to be developed that will guide and automate the CFD setup and analysis.
Fast App: Simulation Drives Better-designed Products
Forward-thinking companies such as Bucher Hydraulics have firmly placed CFD simulation tools in the hands of the product developers to eliminate roadblocks in their design process.
3D Printers Get Personal
Led by the fanfare over low-cost, consumer 3D printers, a new genre of professional-grade desktop models is helping engineers more quickly iterate, test and optimize design concepts.
Filtering with Finesse
EMI and RFI noise may prevent new electronic equipment designs from passing compliance testing.
Integrate FEA and CAD
There are several obstacles that act as roadblocks to the successful integration of finite element analysis with CAD. Let's take a look at what they are and how to avoid them.
Slow Hand, On Demand
Many engineers struggle to find the "practice time" they need to be fully competent.
Crowdsourcing Power to the People
Companies are experimenting with crowdsourcing and open innovation approaches to accelerate the flow of new product ideas -- and to get faster and better answers to tough engineering questions.
Opportunity is on CAFE’s Menu
Automakers look for technology and expertise to meet the new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.
Profile: Maplesoft At Your Service
Although it's best known as a maker of mathematical and analytical software, an ever-increasing part of Maplesoft's business comes from providing engineering services.

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