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Gannon University Receives $373 Million In-Kind Software Grant from Siemens
Gannon University has received an in-kind product lifecycle management software grant with an estimated commercial value of $373 million from Siemens.
Industry Needs Student Competitions to Define—and Design—the Robots of Tomorrow
Few engineers or researchers working in industry today have mastered all the disciplines required to build an autonomous robot—and that has potentially negative ramifications for a manufacturing sector already beset by retiring baby boomers.
The New Face of Cyber-Physical Systems
Manufacturers turn to new robotics and computing systems to transform the current path of automation so human expertise is not lost.
Tend Introduces in.control, a Smart Cloud Robotics Platform
This cloud-based solution requires no software downloads and can optimize your work cells by allowing your robots to switch between multiple tasks without reprogramming.
FIRST: Not Just Robots
According to FIRST’s evaluation data, student participants are twice as likely to major in science or engineering.
Morphing Wing Design Lays Groundwork for Soft Robotics
MIT/NASA collaboration on a flexible aircraft wing structure showcases the potential of digital materials and advanced manufacturing techniques for soft robotics applications.
Testing a Go-Anywhere Robot Car
A Light Touch: Embedded Optical Sensors Could Make Robotic Hands More Dexterous
Carnegie Mellon creates sensor-rich robotic hand and new stretchable sensor.
ABB Advances ‘Factory of the Future’ at IMTS 2016
This year's announcements include a dual-arm industrial robot and new programming software.
Flexible Assistance Without a Safety Fence
Siemens relies on a flexible KUKA cell for human-robot collaboration in electric motor production.
IRCCyN Uses MSC Software to Advance Robotics Research
Researchers use Adams to validate servoing systems.
Engineering a Robotic Smart Home Interface
Designing a new robotic home personal assistant is a mix of CAD, human modeling and 3D printing.
GE Advanced Manufacturing Implements Robotics
The mobile systems increase collaboration and communication across multiple locations.
Bringing On-Board Computing to Robotics
Stanley Innovation integrates sensors for a navigation-oriented robot.
Teach the Robots Well
There is no shortage of data to feed the machines.

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