3DQue Puts 3D Printers on Autopilot with AutoPrint3D

AutoPrint 3D offers automation for high volume and continuous printing.

AutoPrint 3D offers automation for high volume and continuous printing.

User interface on a computer. Image courtesy of 3DQue.

3DQue Systems Inc. introduces AutoPrint3DTM, a plug & play 3D printer automation system that works with any Marlin-based printer.

Powered by 3DQue’s Quinly software (over 2 million prints delivered since 2021), AutoPrint streamlines every aspect of an operator’s job with features such as bulk file management, smart queuing that simplifies job scheduling, automatic part removal for continuous printing, and time lapses.

Fully customizable, AutoPrint3D works with belt printers, the VAAPRTM print bed, or custom-designed auto part removal systems.

“Most print management solutions are focused on moving tasks closer to the operator by shifting them from the printer to the computer,” says Steph Sharp, 3DQue co-founder and CEO. “AutoPrint3D eliminates tasks altogether and then streamlines the automated tasks, giving operators
more time for innovation, creation and growth.”

The low monthly subscription fee helps make automation easily accessible to any engineer, entrepreneur or maker. 3DQue is offering annual subscribers the opportunity to buy the VAAPR self-cleaning print bed for continuous printing.

AutoPrint is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency using SmartTags. SmartTags allow AutoPrint to automatically distribute print jobs to printers using conditional logic. The central drag-and-drop queue will only dispatch jobs to a printer if the job tag matches the printer tag. Tag print jobs with a material tag, and the job will wait in the queue until a printer is ready with the correct material. With SmartTags, operators can schedule all of their prints for the week in minutes.

AutoPrint offers customizable automated part removal gcode that runs at the end of every print in the queue. This allows the printer to keep printing overnight, and through the weekend, increasing productivity, the company reports. It is ideal for any type of continuous printing including belt printers, sweeper arms, the self-releasing VAAPR print bed, or other bed clearing systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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