ALGOR V16 Offers Sketching, Modeling and Meshing Tools

Alibre Design provides solid modeling

Alibre Design provides solid modeling

By DE Editors

ALGOR V16, says ALGOR, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA;, featuresall-new Superdraw 3D sketching and modeling functionality and 2- and 3Dstructured meshing tools within FEMPRO, ALGOR’s single user interface.V16 offers new Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) capabilities andimproved fluid flow, heat transfer, and linear dynamic analysis tools.ALGOR V16 comes with the Alibre Design Basic 8.0 solid modeler fromAlibre, Inc. (Richardson, TX;

ALGOR V16’s Superdraw sketching and meshing tools provide users with asingle package for both modeling and analysis, decreasing time spentmoving from engineering concept to analyzed FEA model. The newSuperdraw 3D sketching and meshing tools use such MCAD-like options aspoint move, split, intersect, fillet, trim, extend, rotate, scale,move, mirror, and parallel offset. Users create 2- or 3D structuredmeshes through simple right-click menu options, including 3-pointtriangular, 4-point rectangular, 8-point 3D, between two objects, and4-object 3D meshing.

Also new in V16 is an all-new centralized ALGOR file format to speed upthe saving and accessing of model data. Additional new features includeRiks method for improved accuracy and speed in nonlinear problemsinvolving very quick, drastic geometric change, such as buckling andsnap-through analyses. Enhanced features include improved contact forMES including conservation of kinetic and strain energy for 2Danalyses; faster run times for linear buckling, MES, fluid flow, andcoupled fluid/thermal analyses; and automatic constraint of walls forfluid flow analysis.

Visit the ALGOR V16 Feature page on the ALGOR website,, for more detailed information.


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