DE editors discuss the recent acquisition news involving PTC, Carbon, ParaMatters, and more.

DE Editors’ Chat: Carbon Buys ParaMatters, PTC Buys CloudMilling, More

DE Editors discuss recent acquisition news

DE Editors discuss recent acquisitions news. PTC Buys CloudMilling, Carbon Buys ParaMatters, Materialise Buys Identify3D, TechSoft Buys Redway3D

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DE Editors’ Chat: Carbon Buys ParaMatters, PTC Buys CloudMilling, More
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In the latest episode of DE Editors' chat, DE editorial director Brian Albright and senior editor Kenneth Wong discuss the recent acquisition news. 

This month, PTC purchased CloudMilling, a cloud-based machining software maker owned and operated by a father-son duo. The transaction is expected to bolster Onshape's computer-aided machining features. Based on how PTC's past acquisitions had added complementary modules for Onshape users, Wong says, “It wouldn't be far-fetched to imagine at some point, when the two companies have worked out all the integration of the technology, we may be looking at a CAM Studio for Onshape users.”

Last month, additive systems (AM) maker Carbon snatched up generative design (GD) software maker ParaMatters, further proving AM and GD are a winning combo. “Will we see these GD capabilities mostly coming from traditional design software providers? And are we going to see them coming from third party vendors or from the 3D printing companies themselves? Because clearly, there's a need,” notes Albright. 

Also this month, AM software maker Materialise bought Identify3D, which offers print traceability solution for enterprises using AM for serial manufacturing and mass customization. 

Around the same time, TechSoft 3D bought the rendering software developer Redway3D, paving the way for adding photorealistic visualization in TechSoft's HOOPS Visualize. 

For more on DE editors' thoughts and analysis on the mergers and acquisitions, listen to the podcast.

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