Designers Concoct Sweet Rides for Superheroes

The results are in for ZW3D’s annual Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge. Designer Remus Pacis took first prize with his Mech R14.

This walking robot concept took first price in the Superhero Vehicle Design Challenge. Image: ZW3D

According to the judges: “This walking robot is designed completely from the scratch in ZW3D with nice surfaces built from the sketch. This entry is well-formed with lots of surface modeling techniques in ZW3D. For instance, SWEEP is smartly used to build nice electrical devices by plotting multiple curves. Besides, MORPH is also applied to transform the shape. In all, this detailed model is well-designed with ZW3D.”

The top five winners took home cash prizes, along with 3D printers, 3D mice, and other goods. You can see the complete list of winners here. My favorite is the Dragon model being operated by a humanoid robot skeleton, which took 4th place. This F1 Bat Cruzer was also pretty cool, and received an honorable mention.

ZW3D launched the challenge on GrabCAD to promote innovative 3D modeling, and provided a trial software license for each participant. Launched in September, the challenge received 62 entries in 42 days. Winning entries were chose based on modeling skills, creativity and adherence to the requirements of the challenge. Entries had to be designed in ZW3D and uploaded to the GrabCAD library.

Source: GrabCAD

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