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Altair RapidMiner is a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis and operationalization for engineering.

Altair RapidMiner is a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis and operationalization for engineering.

Altair RapidMiner is a new hybrid platform combining several AI analytics tools into one user-friendly environment. Image courtesy of Altair.

Altair has created a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis and operationalization for engineering, Altair RapidMiner. The new platform combines the software from two recent acquisitions, RapidMiner and World Programming. 

Altair describes the new RapidMiner as a comprehensive end-to-end solution for data ingesting, modeling, operationalization and visualization. 

“The platform enables users of all skill levels to accelerate projects from idea to production,” says Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer at Altair. “RapidMiner removes barriers to effectively connect three of an organization’s more important assets: data, people and processes.” 

The company says RapidMiner scales AI initiatives without the need for expensive and scarce data scientists or expensive outside consulting engagements. Existing team members can “upskill” quickly to run RapidMiner, the company claims. 

The software is a hybrid environment running on cloud and desktop. Cloud allows users to better manage the large datasets common in AI analytics; desktop provides efficiency and streamlined access to existing company data. 

Much of the data a company needs to use is legacy, stored in various formats and managed by various tools. Altair says RapidMiner teams can run SAS language programs, models and workflows directly. The platform allows the use of other common data languages including Python, R, and SQL. 

Altair RapidMiner is a solution for data ingesting, modeling, operationalization and visualization, the company says. Image courtesy of Altair.

The company says RapidMiner “empowers users to extract and prep data easily from any source” including PDFs. Once organized and operationalized, the fast-changing data being generated can be monitored continuously across one shared MLOps (machine learning operations) environment. Users can also build subsecond streaming, batch and business intelligence data applications within the system. 

As part of the launch of the new RapidMiner platform, Altair offers a Centers of Excellence methodology for continuous training, and an online RapidMiner Academy with self-paced tutorials. 

RapidMiner is accessed using Altair Units, the company’s state-of-the-art licensing process. The company says using Altair Units to provide access “gives users the flexibility to run software anywhere, the freedom to choose what software tools they need when they run them, and value that maximizes use and minimizes cost.”

Altair RapidMiner is now available directly from Altair. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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