IronCAD Launches Design Collaboration Suite 2020

IronCAD accelerates product development process for 3D CAD users with the launch of IRONCAD 2020.

IronCAD accelerates product development process for 3D CAD users with the launch of IRONCAD 2020.

IronCAD, a 3D CAD platform developer for metal fabricators and custom machinery manufacturers, unveiled IRONCAD 2020. 

Every year, IronCAD users submit feedback with enhancement requests pertaining to design productivity or improving the 3D to production drawing process. The IRONCAD 2020 release delivers improved large assembly performance, streamlined workflows and new capabilities that help users design, present and communicate their ideas faster and easier, the company says. This year's release, the main focus was on improving the ICD (IronCAD Drawing Environment) to increase productivity.

The goal was to improve the 3D to 2D detailing process to reduce the design to manufacturing timing with better performance, improved commands, better accessibility to common commands, and faster drawing creation with an automated bulk view creation tool that enables users to go from concept to manufactured products faster, the company reports.

Beyond the IronCAD Drawing Environment, IronCAD delivered performance improvements for working with large assemblies. This development was implemented to increase the system's performance and to take advantage of newer hardware with multiple cores. In addition, many functional items were added to streamline the interaction with large assemblies, such as additional improvements in the Shrink Wrap commands for condensing large assemblies into workable reference geometry. With IronCAD 2020, noticeable improvements can be found importing, opening, saving and working daily with large assembly files.

Examples among the new improvements in IRONCAD 2020 are:

  • Large Assembly Performance—Open/Save/Import speed is improved for files that contain large structures that may have large assembly trees containing many nodes under individual assembly levels. 
  • Real-time Interchanging of Full and Lightweight Models—Using IronCAD’s Shrink Wrap capabilities to create lightweight versions of parts and assemblies, users can dynamically interchange the fully detailed model and the lightweight model within an assembly file. 
  • Technical Drawing/Detailing Improvements—IronCAD 2020 focused heavily on improving the speed from taking 3D Designs into production drawings ready for manufacturing. Speed improvements in creating and editing dimensions with quick access to dimension properties, Automatic Break Line support, Overall View Dimensions, 2D Catalogs support for reusable Annotations, and Spell Checker are included.
  • Commonly Requested Functionality—Command Search, Dockable Catalogs, 4K Support, Feature Fill Pattern, Sheet Metal Conversion and Layflat Design feature are among items added to enhance the design experience.

“Expanding on our recent 20th year release capabilities, IronCAD 2020 gains a significant leap in the ability to work and manage large assembly files commonly used among our custom machinery manufacturers,” says Cary O’Connor, vice president of marketing of IronCAD. “Users will feel improvements to the performance while working in 3D all the way through to the final production drawing output with the many improvements developed in the IronCAD Drawing Environment to speed up and aid the detailing process.” 

For a more extensive list of IRONCAD 2020 improvements and enhancements, click here.

Try the newest, updated version of IronCAD via a free online trial by navigating here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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