IronCAD Unveils 20th Anniversary Edition CAD Release

The latest CAD release delivers enhanced Shrinkwrap capabilities, improved Smart eBehavior and a more intuitive user interface, the company reports.

The latest CAD release delivers enhanced Shrinkwrap capabilities, improved Smart eBehavior and a more intuitive user interface, the company reports.

Image courtesy of IronCAD.

IronCAD has released its 20th Anniversary Edition (IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2019).

This new release extends IronCAD’s Shrinkwrap capability to simplify imported and native models and gives users the ability to dynamically load the simplified or full versions based on their preference. Using the Shrinkwrap tools on imported data to remove unnecessary geometry can reduce the overall design file size and improve graphical and process performance during operations such as during saving and loading.

IronCAD users have the flexibility to load either the simplified or the full design components in their working file. Using the simplified version allows designers to focus on the design tasks and limit the performance impact of unrelated areas. Whether it is native design data or imported, users can take full advantage of the Shrinkwrap capabilities to optimize their design process by reducing the amount of time typically required to process larger data sets. Users can also employ the Shrinkwrap tools to hide selective parts, non-visible parts, and hole and pocket regions while forcing critical components to remain. 

IronCAD’s Smart eBehavior allows users to build intelligent connection, position and orientation. Customizable rules, another major focus of the 20th Anniversary Edition, give users more methods for defining connection locations and naming them with alias names to make them easy to identify. Users also have access to mechanism behaviors when connecting components in cases like four-bar linkages.

The 20th Anniversary Edition includes a number of enhancements in the user interface. Improvements such as bold edges, updated handle and TriBall displays, quick sizing behaviors on input, direct input on drop of features, improved dimensional display in sketches, and direct access to the TriBall positioning tool are just a few of the changes that improve the usability of IronCAD.

“We are pleased to be offering our 20th Anniversary Edition to customers in the equipment machinery design and manufacturing space,” says Dr. Tao-Yang Han, president of IronCAD. “The culmination of features and functionality in this release truly reduces the design cycle while providing powerful CAD technology in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for all designers to grasp and become productive. Over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of customers have enjoyed the flexibility and productivity provided by IronCAD.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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