Lenovo Launches the Lenovo ThinkStation P920 and P720

The Lenovo desktop workstations are equipped with updated hardware and high-end components, the company says.

The Lenovo desktop workstations are equipped with updated hardware and high-end components, the company says.

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Lenovo is announcing an update to its ThinkStation P920 and P720 systems – introducing components to enhance performance. The Lenovo desktop workstations are equipped with updated hardware and high-end components, the company says.

What’s New?

Powered by the new 2nd-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, the ThinkStation P920 and P720 offer processing power, according to Lenovo. Designed for heavily-threaded, I/O-intensive workloads across various industries, Intel’s new Xeon CPUs are optimized for purpose-built platforms for workstation professionals, with up to 28 cores and increased frequency of up to 4.4. GHz.

There's also added support for the NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs. Powered by the NVIDIA Turing architecture and the NVIDIA RTX platform to deliver a graphics card solution for professional workflows. Also, using NVLink, two RTX 8000s can be connected to provide up to 96GB of total graphics memory; scaling for the largest rendering, visualization, compute and AI workloads.

Lenovo's Approach

It starts with a deep-dive of the power and thermal specifications of the new components and technologies — and how best to integrate them into Lenovo systems, the company says. Next, Lenovo conducts theoretical power calculations and thermal simulations to determine the impact of the higher-power consumption and the rate of heat dissipation. Once complete, and prototype hardware begins to arrive, Lenovo validates in its labs and verifies its initial calculations and simulations.

At this point, the testing can begin. It includes everything from application stress-testing to validate power consumption and component performance, to cycle testing to simulate years of system powering up or powering down, to thermal chamber testing to subject the systems to temperature extremes, and more. Lenovo engineers and partners run the systems through hundreds of hours of validation testing to ensure these components can meet the standard customers have come to expect.

The ThinkStation P920 and P720 will be available this month. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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