May 2006 Readers Choice Award: Eden500V

By DE Editors

Large-Format PolyJet Rapid Prototyper from Objet Geometries

Readers’ Choice Winner

Objet Geometries (Rehovot, Israel) has intriduced the Eden500V, its newest large-format PolyJet rapid prototyping system. In North America,  the Eden500V is distributed by Stratasys (Minneapolis, MN).

Besides the PolyJet hallmarks of speed, detail, and surface smoothness, the Eden500V has a larger build envelope than previous models. It measures 19.7 in. X 15.7 in. X 7.9 in. (500mm X 400mm X 200mm), permitting the construction of bigger models and multiple models to be built simultaneously.

The Eden500V from Objet Geometries.

New speed and resolution settings allow users to match these properties to specific projects. In high-speed mode, the speed effectively doubles that of previous PolyJet systems. The high-resolution setting of 16-micron (0.0006 in.) layers enables fine detail and surface finish. The unit uses sealed liquid resin cartridges; as each model layer is built, it is simultaneously cured with UV light. Fully cured models are removed from the machine.

The Eden500V uses all available PolyJet materials, ranging from general-purpose, transparent resins to those with high strength and rubber-like flexibility.

North America distribution details are available from Stratasys.

For complete details on the Eden500V large-format RP system, go to Objet Geometries by clicking here.

The Eden500V from Objet Techologies—distributed in North America by Stratasys—received the most votes in our February 2006 issue. Vote for your favorite product from this issue by going to the Briefings or Product sections.

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