New FARO Laser Trackers Offer Up to .0002 in. Distance Accuracy

Wider temperature range and fast warm-up added to features.

Wider temperature range and fast warm-up added to features.

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FARO Technologies, Inc.(Lake Mary, FL), which manufactures coordinate measurementmachines, scanners, and scanning software, has released the LaserTracker X and Xi portable contact measurement systems. The new Trackers are capable of 0.0006-inch and0.0002-inch distance accuracies, respectively, and feature an expandedtemperature range.

According to FARO, the Laser Tracker X and Xi are twice as accurate atdistance measurement as previous models. In addition, the new modelshave a 66 percent wider temperature range, extending from -15°C to 50°C(5°F to 122°F).

The 0.0006 inch and 0.0002 inch typical accuracies at 10m are half of theMaximum Permissible Error (MPE), which is part of the new ASME B89.4.19standard for laser tracker performance evaluation. In the future, alllaser tracker manufacturers will be required to calculate theirspecifications based on this procedure.

FARO portable contact measurement systems use laser technology tomeasure large parts and machinery across a range of industrialapplications. Each measures x,y,z coordinates by following ahand-held mirrored, spherical probe that is guided along the surface tobe measured. The 3D position of the probe is reported in real-time withangular encoders and the XtremeADM feature. XtremeADM enables the FAROLaser Trackers to handle beam-breaks so that if a person or objectcomes between the beam and the probe, the user can immediatelyreestablish the beam and continue measuring, avoiding the need to resetdistance.

In addition to offering up to 0.001 inch 3D, single-point accuracy anda 230-foot range, both X and Xi models include Self-Comp, a one-button,fully automated, five-minute compensation routine; and Smart Warm-up,which heats the Tracker to operating temperature in half the time ofprevious models. The FARO Tracker X model also has an Instant-On Laserfor immediate measuring capability.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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