Solidscape Launches 3Z Max

Solidscape’s newest addition to its 3Z line, the 3Z Max. Courtesy of Solidscape.

Additive manufacturing (AM) has proven a boon to a number of industries, including the jewelry and medical fields. Rapid production of molds and cores of all kinds has allowed for more detailed end-use products and the manufacture of parts and objects that would be time consuming to create through more traditional manufacturing methods.

Solidscape has been a provider of AM systems that build high quality wax objects for years before being acquired by Stratasys, and continues to do so with the launch of the 3Z Max. According to the company, its newest 3D printer is its fastest to date and provides a new platform for bulkier jewelry, industrial and medical applications. 

“The 3Z MAX is the direct product of our Voice of the Customer program, which focuses on customer satisfaction and product innovation,” said Fabio Esposito, president of Solidscape. “Our customers said they wanted the precision for which Solidscape is known with increased performance. The 3Z MAX delivers both at a very affordable price.”

For $49,650 the 3Z Max offers plug-and-play fabrication with automatic calibration and self-testing capabilities, along with one-touch operation. The new systems has a 6 x 6 x 44 in. (152.4 x 152.4 x 101.6 mm) build envelope with a resolution of 5000 x 5000 dpi (197 X 197 dots/mm). It boasts an accuracy of ± 0.0010 inch/inch (±25.4µ/25.4mm) and a variable layer thickness.

The 3Z Max utilizes Solidscape’s 3Z Model and 3Z Support materials to build detailed wax cores or rapid prototype objects. The company claims its unique materials have, “ meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion.” In addition to the build materials, the systems also uses DeWax to dissolve support structures.

Below you’ll find the launch video for the 3Z Max.

Source: Solidscape

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