XYZprinting Unveils New 3D Printers

New digital light processing, stereolithography and fused filament fabrication 3D printers promise larger build sizes and faster speeds.

New digital light processing, stereolithography and fused filament fabrication 3D printers promise larger build sizes and faster speeds.

CastPro120 xP New DLP Printer. Image courtesy of XYZPrinting.

XYZprinting unveiled three new products at FormNext 2018.

The company expects to continue its successful early access program throughout 2018 and commence commercial shipments of its latest professional 3D printers early in 2019. With the arrival of its new systems, the company invites interested customers to apply for its early access program. 

CastPro120 xP New DLP Printer 

With build size of 94×52x100 mm (3.7x2x3.9 in.), the CastPro120 xP represents a new generation DLP printer product capable of printing accurate parts faster at XY resolution of 50 microns and layer thickness from 25~100 micron offers edge detail, accuracy and surface finish, the company reports. The CastPro120 xP features a build platform automatic calibration that brings simplicity of operating and the consistency of printing performance. The early access program of CastPro120 xP is expected to start at the second quarter of 2019.

MfgPro3400 xP Stereolithorgraphy Printer. Image courtesy of XYZprinting.

MfgPro3400 xP Stereolithography Printer

Comes with max print volume of 380×300 mm (15×11.8 in.), which is more than 34 liters (around 9 gallons) of total printing size, MfgPro3400 xP is the largest stereolithorgraphy printer of its kind for direct part manufacturing of industrial size. The rotary build-platform of MfgPro3400 xP is designed to improve tank life. The new MfgPro3400 xP is expected to be available by late 2019.

MfgPro700 xTC Large-Format Full-Color FFF 3D Printer

MfgPro700 xTC is an industrial-grade FFF printer equipped with full-color 3D inkjet technology to delivery full-color FFF 3D printing with industrial print size of 700x500x500 mm. MfgPro700 is also equipped with industrial CISS (continuous ink supply system) to ensure the consistent performance of ultra large full-color 3D printing. And designed with better visualization and build-in camera monitoring system and on-screen printing control to manage part printing of long hours. MfgPro700 xTC is expected to be made available by mid-2019 and following it, a new MfgPro700 xTC with mono-color printing of extra performance materials available with a build-in chamber will be also available by later 2019.

MfgPro1600 xPF Professional-Grade 3D Printer

The MfgPro1600 xPF is a high-resolution 3D printer that offers speed and is compatible with various engineered and dental resin materials. It prints continuously at up to 16 litters (270x160x380 mm) of build volume in a single build at print speed of 1 Z cm per minute. With the patented LSPc Technology from Nexa3D, the MfgPro1600 xPF can print at up to 40X faster than traditional 3D printing and deliver 2X more precise parts than other continuous professional 3D printers on a large scale. The MfgPro1600 xPF runs using both on-board and cloud controls for in-situ and remote operations of a single printer or a full factory of printers, to enable mass production of customized parts. Early access program is to commence during first half of 2019.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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