In this keynote session, reliabilities of key technology in sensing and vehicle ADS and 5G connectivity and its integration into future transportation systems will be addressed. Some of main challenges of transitioning to fully automated vehicle fleets on US roadway will also be discussed so that engineers are fully aware of safety consequences of changing technology.
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Track 1

Stochastics, Robust Design and Systems Engineering to Support Simulation Driven Design

Join us for this engineering design session. Alexander Karl of Rolls-Royce will talk about stochastics, robust design and systems engineering -- the tools, methods and processes and real engineering challenges -- and how this has been implemented at Rolls-Royce Corporation.
In this session, learn more about stochastics, robust design and systems engineering.
Track 2

Towards Demonstrating Simulation Credibility in Industry: Are We There Yet?

Presented by Purdue University
Application of a verification and validation framework for establishing trust in model predictions.
In this session, join Jakob Hartl, PhD student in the Aerospace Systems program at Purdue University, and learn more about verification and validation of model predictions.
Track 3

Building a Broad-Based Additive Manufacturing Infrastructure

Presented by NIST
Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing advanced manufacturing paradigm, and promises unparalleled flexibility in the production of parts with complex geometries.
In this session, NIST will describe its role in developing standards and benchmarks for advancing the technology.
Track 4

Digital Twins: From Physics-Based Modeling to Scientific Machine Learning

Presented by University of Texas at Austin
A digital twin is an evolving virtual model that mirrors an individual physical asset throughout its lifecycle. Key to the digital twin concept is the ability to sense, collect, analyze, and learn from the asset's data.
This talk will discuss the ways in which digital twins have the potential to transform design, manufacture, and operation of engineering systems.
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