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Session 1: Stochastics, Robust Design and Systems Engineering to Support Simulation Driven Design

The Digital Engineering strategy of the Department of Defense, the drive to develop and use so-called digital twins, and several Certification by Analysis activities are driving the need for more simulation-driven design activities in the industrial base. This drive enables a shift of work from the physical environment into a virtual or digital environment, leading to significant decreases in the resources needed to design, produce, and keep aerospace assets operational.

To enable this strong reliance on engineering simulations, the full suite of systems engineering, robust design and stochastics methods and tools need to be employed during the simulation process. Accounting for variability and uncertainty that might occur during the manufacturing process and in the use of products is increasingly important for the assessment of component, sub-system and system performance with this simulation-driven design process.

This talk will discuss the application of automated design and simulation processes, robust design techniques, probabilistic and stochastic methods for real-world design tasks in the area of advanced gas turbines. The talk will close.

The key takeaways of this talk are that:

  • Simulation-driven design can be applied to real world challenging problems.
  • Accounting for variability and uncertainty is a key point in any simulation-driven designapproach.
  • Challenges still remain for a widespread application of simulation-driven design, especially inregulated industries.

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Speaker/Presenter: Alexander Karl

Associate Fellow - Robust Design and Systems Engineering, Rolls-Royce Corporation

About Alexander

Alexander holds a PhD and MSc in Aerospace technology from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He has 23+ years of work experience with Rolls-Royce. During this period Alexander was working in several major sites and sectors (Dahlewitz, Derby and Indianapolis). Alexander’s background is thermo-mechanical analysis but for the last 20+ years Alexander is working actively in the area of multi-disciplinary optimization, Robust Design (Design for Six Sigma) and Systems Engineering.

His main focus is the application of these tools, methods and processes to real engineering challenges. Alexander is an Associate Fellow for Robust Design and Systems Engineering within Rolls-Royce. He is also an active member of NAFEMS promoting a wider application of these methods, processes and tools.

Moderator: Kenneth Wong

Senior Editor
Digital Engineering

About SimScale

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Learn how the cloud-native engineering simulation platform SimScale removes the traditional technical and economical barriers created by legacy CAE software.

Global engineering organizations recognize the benefits of simulation in the cloud and are rapidly adopting the SimScale platform as part of their product design and digital transformation strategies.

Companies make high-fidelity CFD available in the cloud.

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