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Cray Inc. Company Profile

1050 Lowater Road, PO Box 6000
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, 54729

For over 40 years we have been developing highly advanced computing solutions for the world’s most complex science, engineering and analytics challenges. Ever since we introduced the world’s first supercomputer in 1976, our technologies have helped solve today’s problems and made tomorrow’s questions possible.At our core we are technology pioneers. We work with our customers and users to understand what they’re trying to do and what problems they can’t solve with existing technologies. Then we develop complete supercomputing solutions that help them address their otherwise unanswerable questions.Our portfolio consists of three product lines: supercomputers, storage and data management systems, and data analytics solutions. We offer them individually or integrated into a complete solution depending on a customer’s need.

Cray in the News

Need for high-performance computing to make sense of explosion of data cited as prompting the acquisition.

CFD and wind tunnel test reveal aerodynamically advantageous positions in a group cycling race.

Cray is creating a production-ready, Arm-based supercomputer with the addition of Cavium ThunderX2 processors; company also makes other announcements involving AI and storage solutions.

Samsung has purchased a Cray CS-Storm accelerated cluster supercomputer, according to Cray.

Customers can run HPC, AI, and advanced analytics workloads at supercomputing scale.

A total of 471 systems, representing 94.2% of the total, are now using Intel processors, which is slightly up from 92.8% six months ago, according to the TOP500's latest list.

The aeronautical university buys a Cray CS Cluster supercomputer in an effort to boost aerospace research.

The new Cray systems will provide accelerator-optimized solutions for running machine learning and deep learning applications, the company reports.

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