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San Francisco, California,
United States of America
(415) 580-2509

Fictiv was founded in 2013 to eliminate a major bottleneck in new product development: custom mechanical part sourcing.

The traditional process of finding, vetting, and managing suppliers, getting quotes, and tracking orders across many vendors is incredibly resource-intensive and fraught with miscommunication, delays, and mistakes. These barriers make hardware development a slow, painful, high-risk endeavor.

Fictiv has engineered a new approach — one that streamlines workflows to eliminate the barriers to innovation and unleashes the creativity of engineers.

How? We’ve built an intelligent custom manufacturing operating system, to deliver speed, connect you to a group of globally-networked and highly-specialized manufacturing partners, and ensure success by applying a team of dedicated and caring quality engineers, logistics specialists, supply chain managers, and customer success representatives. Come experience the Fictiv difference for yourself!

Fictiv in the News

State of industry tied to economic pressures and AI integration, Fictiv reports.

Tool enables an upgrade of material selection for production parts.

In the design and simulation space there is a lot of activity around AI and machine learning, but there is a question of who is adopting at this point.

AI assistant helps engineers choose manufacturing materials for their projects.

Network will include sheet metal, die casting, compression molding.

Expanded capabilities, configuration options, and pricing reduction deliver additive manufacturing capabilities for prototyping and production in the USA.

On-demand manufacturers brace for supply chain volatility.

The CHIPS Act and AM Forward initiative emphasize digital design and manufacturing as part of a strategy to turbocharge U.S. manufacturing and innovation.

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Each Fictiv 2D drawing includes one (1) isometric view, three (3) profile views (top, front, and right), and any additional profile views needed to show features not already highlighted.

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New solution designed for large or complex organizations seeking faster, more agile supply chains with a reduced physical footprint, Fictiv says.

Manufacturing leaders report a focus on resilience, sustainability and speed through digital transformation while concerns about supply chain and workforce grow.

The business model and the platforms that serve manufacturing-as-a-service are relatively new to the digital landscape, so it’s critical to adapt technologies to meet market demands.

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