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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Company Profile

78 Portsmouth Road
Cobham, KT11 1AN
United Kingdom
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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence helps industrial manufacturers develop the disruptive technologies of today and the life-changing products of tomorrow. As a leading metrology and manufacturing solution specialist, our expertise in sensing, thinking and actingthe collection, analysis and active use of measurement datagives our customers the confidence to increase production speed and accelerate productivity while enhancing product quality.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in the News

A focus on post-processing capabilities and creative use of emerging technologies takes the democratization of simulation to the next level, boosting accessibility of analysis-driven insights.

The latest Digimat software enables businesses to simulate the 3D printing process and calculate total cost of producing each part.

New offering delivers access to metrology equipment, maintenance, and certifications, eliminating the need for huge capital investments.

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Virtual manufacturing software avoids quality issues machining complex parts, reduces time to simulate toolpath adjustments.

DP Technology is a developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology. 

Goal is to boost electric vehicle development.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Simufact Additive Module for Metal Binder Jetting uses company's simulation technology to shorten the steep learning curve related to use of MBJ. 

New simulation module predicts shrinkage, helping manufacturers achieve high-quality parts during metal AM production.

One of the picks will be chosen as DE’s Editor’s Pick of the Week.

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