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Jon Peddie Research

4 St. Gabrielle Ct.
Tiburon, California, 94920
United States of America

Jon Peddie Research (JPR) is a technically oriented computer graphics marketing and management-consulting firm based in Tiburon, CA. We provide specialized services to senior and middle management in computer companies and companies that are major computer users. We perform two basic services for our clients, as described below.

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Accelerating and Advancing CAE
New ebook from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) explains how GPU acceleration is improving CAE workflows.
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Post-pandemic, engineers and designers want a balance between power and form factor for the newest workstations.

Virtual roundtable gathers insights on the state-of-the-workstation market.

Citing shrinking margins it won’t offer NVIDIA Next Gen series.

The quarterly JPR Workstation Market Report for Q2 2022 delves into breadth and depth across all slices of the workstation and professional GPU markets.

When selecting from among the new, high-powered engineering workstations on the market, it is all about the workflow.

How far can GPU acceleration go in enhancing design and simulation applications?

Use component performance and ROI calculation as indicators to upgrade.

The architecture, engineering and construction industry achieved a combined annual growth rate of 9%. MCAD grew at a rate of 8%.

What can the latest version of this interconnect standard do for engineers?

Graphics, AI and parallel processing tasks have made GPUs a key enabler of engineering productivity.

Engineers put more consideration into monitor features as work-from-home setups emerge.

Engineering power isn’t just in the workstation; the right monitor and mouse also make the difference.

Jon Peddie Research report predicts 2.4% growth for CAD software.

CAD market shipments increased 9% sequentially from 2018 to 2019.

Demand is driven by the desire to have as much computing power as possible at hand 24/7.

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