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Sculpteo Company Profile

169 11th Street
San Francisco, California, 94103
United States of America

3D Printing gives you access to geometries that were impossible with other manufacturing technologies (interlocking parts, complex assembly). Sculpteo Rapid Prototyping 3D Printing service is fast and reliable. With 20+ file format accepted and fully on-line experience, you can focus on your schedule and your design.Thanks to our fast turn-around, you get the exact product of your imagination in your hands in just a few days, giving you the possibility to iterate.

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Acquisition said to provide access to new materials and technologies for customers of BASF and Sculpteo.

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The new Fabpilot solution is a software as a service (SaaS) product that allows third parties to control and manage 3D printers, including nesting orders, preparing parts, and shipping.

Sculpteo offers a new design-guidance software suite called Agile Metal Technology (AMT).

The project's designers made the bike ready for a 700-mile trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco.

The company's new software, Agile Metal Technology, offers tools for optimization and part standardization.

This no cost feature can help designers create lighter and accurate prints.