Digital Engineering, September 2016

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Driving Toward Digital Twins

Real-time sensor data adds a new facet to interoperability.


Bridging the Design-Manufacturing Divide

The CAM market moves toward more automation and smoother interactions with design tools.


Integrate Electromagnetics into Upfront Simulation

On a scale of one to wow, today’s elctromagnetic simulation software packages are scoring high due to ever-improving capabilities.


Keeping the Connected Soldier Connected

Simulation is playing a key role in the design and test of antennas used extensively on the communications, GPS and health-monitoring gear worn by today’s connected soldier.

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Latest News

Lenovo Delivers Expanded Portfolio of New Mobile and Desktop Workstations
Lenovo extends its collaboration with AMD in this latest product launch.

Big Tech Expected to Trim Cloud Computing Spend in 2023
For 2023, folks on Wall Street anticipate a notable slowdown in spending by major technology firms on the warehouse-size data centers...

Partnership Drives Promotion of Additive Manufacturing Camp for Young Women
The “Girl Meets Additive Manufacturing” program, for San Diego high school students, will introduce participants to additive manufacturing.

Case Western Part of New National Engineering Collaboration
The collaborations are the result of more than $100 million in grants to fund the programs.

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