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Bionics is the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or parts of living organisms.

Latest in Bionics

Additive Manufacturing
Ambionics Develops Unique Child Prosthetic via Stratasys 3D Printing
The customized design and production of the 3D printed hydraulic prosthetic has delivered cost savings of up to 76%, as well...

Hedberg: The Bionic Arm
The device is completely created from a single Keurig coffee maker.

Additive Manufacturing
3D Printing Advances Design
EDAG’s Genesis project investigates additive manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Bionic Man Shows Off Advanced Prosthetics

A Mobile App to Control a Bionic Hand

FDA Approves Retinal Prosthesis
Medical implants, prosthetics of all kinds, and even replacement organs are just on the fringe of becoming widely available. The...