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Quantum Computing

Unlike traditional binary computing that uses bits in either a 0 or 1 state, quantum computing uses quantum bits, which can be in superpositions (states can be added together to form a valid state). Quantum computers would, theoretically, be able to efficiently solve problems that are not practically feasible on current, binary-based computers.

Latest in Quantum Computing

Keysight Unveils QuantumPro Workflow
Lowers hardware engineer knowledge barrier for simulating superconducting qubits with automated quantum parameter extraction.

Engineering Computing
IBM Kicks Off $100m Partnership for Quantum Supercomputing
IBM announced a 10-year, $100 million initiative with the University of Tokyo and the University of Chicago to build a quantum-centric...

Engineering Computing
NVIDIA, Rolls-Royce and Classiq Report Quantum Computing Breakthrough
Quantum circuit for industrial simulation to advance development of quantum computing in aerospace.

Engineering Computing
NVIDIA Releases Quantum Optimized Device Architecture
QODA is an open, unified environment for powerful computers and quantum processors.

Autonomous Acceptance
The potential benefits of autonomous vehicles are too important to be ignored. On the flip side, there are some valid...

Engineering Computing
IBM Research Opens Access to Quantum Computing
The IBM Quantum Experience is a cloud-based access platform for research.

Simulating Extreme Computer Engineering at D-Wave Systems
Engineers at D-Wave Systems explain how computational simulation and modeling help them to get the job done.

Blue Pigment Could Enable Quantum Computing
The British five-pound note is worth about $8, give or take a few cents, but the blue pigment used on the...

Fast App: A Project with Heart
The University College London Hospitals teams with Glassworks to create HeartWorks.

Nebula Offers Private Cloud Computing
If your company isn’t ready to pony up for a quantum computer just yet, the next best bet is...

Lockheed Martin Invests in Quantum Computing
A single quantum computer could speed through problems that currently require entire data centers to solve, reducing operating costs.