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FIRST stands for 'For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.' It is an organization founded by inventor Dean Kamen in 1989 to inspire students to join and continue into engineering and technology fields.

Latest in FIRST

PTC’s Onshape Teams Up With FIRST For Design Competition
FIRST, a nonprofit that offers robotics competitions for students primary/secondary students, has partnered with PTC for a virtual design...

Stand Behind STEM/STEAM Programming
STEM projects build on the natural curiosity of children while teaching the scientific method, engineering, physics and biology, and let...

Student Competitions Provide an Out of Classroom Engineering Curriculum
Student competitions prepare up-and-comers with the hands-on experience necessary to meet the challenges of next-generation engineering.

FIRST: Not Just Robots
According to FIRST’s evaluation data, student participants are twice as likely to major in science or engineering.

PTC to Offer ThingWorx to FIRST Robotic Teams for Free
The company announced it will be donating PTC ThingWorx software to all FIRST teams in addition to PTC Creo, PTC...

Rapid Ready Roundup: FIRST, Aerodef, Firearms, and Hershey’s

3D Printing for Charity, Education

Tennesse Students Use 3D Printing to Build Robots for FIRST

FRC 233: THE PINK TEAM Builds SWAT Robot

Twilight Robotic Adventures: Solido Prints Team 2220’s Robot in 3D